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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


So...at the moment I'm locked out of my office. For the third time in two weeks. I can't learn. I'm a learning free zone. Clearly I still have the interwebs and also my cell phone so pretty much I can still work but it's very frusterrrating. And also, I'm not sure if I have 10 more spanish dudes coming tonight or not...I can't tell. I think he said they were delayed but if they're not delayed I'm going to have to set up 10 beds by myself and I might die. I was just about to type "I wish I spoke spanish betterer so I can understand this guy" but in all fairness my boss and I speak the same language and I don't get any clearer answers from him. It's just my plight...to anticipate the unclear of speech and clearly insane. And also I HAVE to stop locking myself out of my freaking office.

The first time I locked myself out of my office, my BFF was here and she gave me her key. "Whooops! What would happen if she wasn't here! Better be more careful!" The next time she wasn't here but was on her way back so I just had an early lunch and then she let me in. "Whoo! That was lucky, better not do that again!". This time she's in the middle of nowhere, my boss is in the middle of nowhere and the only other key belongs to the bookkeeper...who very graciously is letting us pick up his copy. By us I mean not me because my car keys are locked in my office...and the only other available vehicle is a backhoe so the very sweet delivery van man is picking it up for me. Thank Christ, I was running out of alternatives. The girls downstairs actually have a lock picking kit which they lent me which I suck at. My life of crime is not going to involve house breaking, sadly. If it happens again I'm going to have to hide a copy under my skin like the Bourne Identity. This is getting ridiculous.

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pinky pinkerson said...

ee yah, I'm sorry!

my last apartment - I used to lock myself out ALL THE TIME. What I then would have to do was to walk through the scary dark woods to my landlord's sister's house - who weirdly, had the same exact face as my landlord, only lady.

She then would go through the ancient keyring to slowly slowly find the copy of my door key. This happened, oh, at least a dozen times in the years I lived there. It was such a drag.