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Friday, July 25, 2008

about those bunnies

Yesterday's post was supposed to be about frustration and how I don't handle it well but I kept getting distracted. Funny enough, I'm still frustrated today, in particular because I just made my day ridiculously hard by trying to get to the doctor at 7 am (which they told me to do yesterday) only the doctor isn't there till 8 and am I supposed to wait until 8 just to wait again, no...no I'm not going to do that. I made an appointment with a real doctor and hopefully I'll finally get some answers. I'm heading to NH tonight to say goodbye to my sister and happy birthday to my daddy and I'm not packed even the tiniest bit because I was trying so hard to get to the doctor this morning. I'm a little less about to fall apart right now but I'm still not able to really think anything through past the point of blind rage.

I've been set at "Go directly to pissed, do not stop at go do not collect 200 dollars" all week and I'm tired of it. Probably every one is tired of it. I've had to tell every single person at work every day and usually every time they talk to me that I cannot hear them and also please stop talking to me while I'm on the phone because that doesn't work on a good day and it REALLY doesn't work today, thank you. Hi, my name is Amy and I'm a grumpaholic. It must be a testament to my normal temperament at work that people are shocked and surprised that I can be such a bitch. Seriously though, if you were deaf and dying Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday...come Friday if you're not dancing naked in the rain I'm going to assume that you're still deaf and still dying and maybe a little bit on the edge and I'll leave you the fuck alone. That is all I'm asking for.

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Shana O'B said...

That's how it goes. No one will ever leave you the fuck alone when you want to be left the fuck alone. But the minute you want a little attention, poof!, you're invisible. I hope you're feeling better soon.