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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

"A vague disclaimer is no one's friend"

Matt didn't work yesterday, he had like a house to build or something, so I did my commuting alone. It's sort of nice to be alone sometimes. I think about all the wild and crazy things I can do on my own...in Ellsworth. They're getting a Super Walmart soon so you know that town is going places. I, being me, chose to go grocery shopping. Jif was on sale and I had a coupon. Two coupons. So I bought four jars. If nothing else Matt will have peanut butter and whole wheat cookies every day for the rest of his life and I'll get the eternal joy of knowing I spent only 1.15 on fancy name brand peanut butter.

I was standing in line while the woman in front of me meticulously double knotted all of her shopping bags (I was totally eyeing her frozen peas too...good thing she tied 'em up tight). There was a young man behind me who, in retrospect, was smiling and trying to catch my eye while I was thinking bad thoughts about knot lady. And then he gestured to the jelly in his cart and said we'd be a good pair.

Peanut butter and jelly...get it? It was sort of sweet really and now I'm thinking I could have been nicer. I was a little too focused on being impatient but then maybe a litany of my sexual history wouldn't have been better than blowing him off. It was one of those things that just make me think "god, I look like such a straight girl...". It always sort of shocks me when boys do things like that. Like, you know, talk to me. Apparently I never noticed when girls hit on me either so it's probably safe to say the problem is all me. I guess I really am that self involved.

What else...life's supply of peanut butter...oh yeah, the damn scale...that's relevant. The old scale said 173. THE OLD ONE. Based on the current conversion of weights and measures that's A MILLION POUNDS on the new scale. I weighed later rather than earlier and after breakfast and a big glass of juice because I needed a fiberless sugar injection at 6 am and also the vitamin C. It's probably a little off for a number of reasons but it's not that off and it has me a little crank to the y. It might be time to only bake things that Matt likes and I don't, like bacon cupcakes and sirloin muffins. If I made all his food look like meat I'd never want to eat it. Or I could use my computer money on a treadmill. That's a decision that's going to seriously suck when I have to make it.

And I didn't forget dear Heather in the comments:

I've been tagged by another blogger. Here are the Rules:

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1. Link to my tagger.

2. Seven facts about me:

I've never been drunk and no one ever believes me. It might be against the law to live in Maine and not be a lush, I should check.

My oldest sister gave me my name. She wanted Emily to be called Amy, but my dad had his heart set on Emily. They promised her the next daughter would be Amy thinking they would never have another...ha.

I once set my cat on fire, but not in a serial killer way, and seriously she was fine, maybe I shouldn't bring that one up.

I taught my goldfish to eat from my hand. Both of them actually.

I'm secretly glad we're using paperplates to conserve water. I feel bad about the waste but I REALLY hate doing the dishes.

Circle of Friends is my favorite book. I read the paperback into bits in highschool. Later on someone bought me the hardcopy as a present but I wish I still had the paperback.

Matt thinks our tiny kitchen table came from a motel. I have no idea why he thinks that, I got it from my sister. His story is better though, I like to think of all the stuff it would have seen if it really did live in a motel.

And this is where I do that meme killing thing that I always do. I don't do forwards, I don't do chain letters and I don't care if I don't get rich in the next ten minutes because I didn't hit send. I'm a killjoy, make that thing number 8. It's damn hard thinking of 7 things you, as a blogger and professional narcissist, haven't already told the world. It's a mission to all those who choose to accept it.


Lauren said...

it is not against the law to not be a lush, but you or someone in your family MUST have a mullett.

Amy said...

A mullet hehehe.

Amy said...

A mullet hehehe.