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Thursday, November 08, 2007

In which the blogger experiences vast and satisfying relief

The damn scale is back at 171 and I can totally live with that. No more weighing after breakfast, it's emotionally scarring. As is going to the dentist, which I did yesterday as per why my morning was so messed up. I needed to eat early so I wouldn't be hungry like the wolf but I also needed time to brush my teeth 47 times because that's what you do before going to the dentist...so they won't know you're a slacker. I had this college professor who used to live in Gloucester, Mass. Gloucester is a fishing community, a lot like Bar Harbor. Her husband had a doctor who simply adored him because he wasn't a fisherman and therefor his body wasn't trashed at 35. Usually, note the tone, going to my dentist is the same for me.

Every other time I've been to the dentist here in Maine, as opposed to in New Hampshire, they exclaim over my teeth. "They're so beautiful, you do such a good job" they used to say. I always enjoyed that because in New Hampshire they behaved as though my teeth were just short of falling out on their floor. "You should wear your retainer because if you don't the SUN WILL CRASH INTO THE EARTH AND WE'LL ALL DIE", is the chair-side manner you get at a New Hampshire dentist. I was really looking forward to hearing how gorgeous my teeth were and how they should be in Hollywood or something and I was disappointed, to say the least.

My hygienist spent the whole time "hmm"ing at me. That's just a shade less nerve-wracking than "ooops". So she did her thing to the tune of an orchestra of refridgerators and then called the doctor in. And he "hmmm"ed too. It's the dentist and you have all that stuff in your mouth so you can't exactly call them on the "hmm"ing so I'm waiting for the verdict and the talk about dentures or whatever and they start talking in dental speak. "Number 7 lower has a calcification, not yet fractured, put a watch on that...Number 16 upper has a thing that we can do a thing to before it becomes a thing, make an appointment stat for that one". My "stat" appointment is in January. How "stat" is January? You reckon if it was really bad they'd have told me? Or is it part of the dentist mystyque?


Siv Bente said...

If it was really bad they would have done something right away. But then again, I got my dentist to tell me everything she does because I hate dentists.

Amy said...

It wasn't little shop of horrors awful, I'm just a nervous nelly about it. Or something.

MayQueen said...

My hygienist and dentists always have orgasms over my teeth . . . but you know how I am.

pinky pinkerson said...

sigh - I feel you. After years of not having to have anything done, I had to have one tooth re-filled (and possibly crowned within six months) several weeks ago and a root canal yesterday. I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK TO THAT LADY AGAIN but I may have to if I need other root canals. @#$@!!!!#$#@!

Amy said...

you got like a degree in brushing, or you should have for all the time you spent in the dorm bathroom.

wow, i didn't know you could do that stuff while making a baby. but then my only experience is my sister and she was all messed up when she was pregnant.

pinky pinkerson said...

well, one tooth hurt, and that constant pain was making me evil. Re-filling took care of that. The other tooth they said had to be root canaled ASAP, and when I gave a list of the anesthetics and drugs to my OB, he said "yikes! go right ahead."

I could only tolerate the one vicodin, though. I had such a hangover from one dumb pill, it was ridiculous.

Amy said...

evil pain, that's not good. hope it's better!