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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Never, never, never

I thought it would be cute to look up quotes about "chicken diseases" for a title. You know what happens when you put "chicken diseases" into google? You don't? Trust me you don't want to. Makes a girl glad she eats tofu. A girl is also glad to know that Matt won't die of chicken tonight. I've been framing those thoughts in my head all day. Only it's funnier if it's a live chicken and not a dead stone-cold chicken. And also if the chicken is wearing leather and possibly is a veteran of 'Nam. It's been a very long day.

Every minute I think "this is as bored as I could get" and then another minute passes and "Nope, I was wrong, this is boringer.". I have 15 transactions. That's not even 15 people. That's like 10 people and and half of them had multiple deposits. One just wanted two tens for a twenty. My boss keeps staring out the window like a caged animal and I'm starting to feel jealous because atleast she has a window. This is going to be one long ass winter in Maine.

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