10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"I would pass by in the day but I feel I'm outgrowing my whole "burst into flame" phase."

wow, i seriously have not one thing i want to ask that doctor tonight. maybe if he was a psychologist, but a medical doctor? pretty much i know it's bad for me when i have an ice cream sandwich for breakfast. i don't need someone with an expensive degree to tell me that. i appreciate the medical industry's interest in the whole obesity thing but i think most people get it. we know what's good for us and what's bad for us and less in more out and we just don't care. having the facts doesn't mean that you still won't make bad choices. we're human and we like to err. a lot, some of us anyway.

i'm not saying that some medical facts aren't useful. for instance, i read somewhere that losing more than two pounds a week probably means you're losing muscle. so the optimum is two pounds a week to lose fat. that's a good fact and i like it and it will make a difference to me. if ever i'm losing more than two pounds a week i'll know that i'm doing something bad. but the other stuff, like fresh fruit and vegetables are better than a bag of chips. i think we all know that and if we want the chips we have them anyway. and sometimes we want them every single day and we do that too and then we get fat.

it's possible that that's a little off topic, i just don't know how to express how i feel about obesity and medicine. maybe it's all about bedside manner and if i'd had more reasonable doctors in my experience i might feel more of a connection. as we know i wasn't completely honest with my physician about my loss at my last visit. she might have assumed that i was living off one bag of cheetos a day and just never said. i really liked how she handled things compared to some of my other doctors. no pressure, no patronising, no telling me that i was buckling my own knees (hey, you're still bitter about that? yes, yes i am! the bastard!).

i guess for me it's more about the mind than the body. the body likes going for walks and runs and bikerides, the mind likes to watch Bones all afternoon. on the couch. with cupcakes. but i have no delusions that that's the way to a svelter me. i don't need a doctor to tell me, i never did. i may have needed counseling many different times in my life. i'm sure i needed financial counseling. i'm not sure i needed medical attention.

i guess i have not a thing to talk to this guy about. maybe i'll have a freudian slip and forget my phone at work. god i hope so. i don't need to be a moron in audio feed and via the written word. one medium is enough for me.


Debbi said...

I would love for a doctor to confirm my theory that it's possible to completely screw up your metabolism. I lost a lot of weight 10 years ago, and part of how I did it was by working out, hard, in a gym, two hours a day. When I couldn't keep it up, I started gaining. And now, no matter what I do – training for a half marathon, anyone? – I can't lose a freakin' pound!

And if this medicine man can confirm that you can throw your metabolism out of whack, is there a way to normalize it again?

I feel like Bonnie Raitt. Let's give her somethin' to talk about ...

Amy said...

bless you!

Mal said...

A) Why do men and women lose weight differently? Is it really just hormones?

B) Is the relationship between sugar/insulin a weight-loss issue for everyone? Or just for people with verified insulin problems? (i.e. hypoglycemia, diabetes, PCOS,e tc.)

C) How does the medical community feel these days about things like BMI or height/weight charts? My understanding was that BMI was crafted by insurance companies and is not founded in reality. Is that still true?

D) What's the word on latest diet trends? By this I mean Hoodia, new types of gastric bypass, etc.

E) Speaking of gastric bypass... all things being equal, would he recommend losing weight the old fashioned way or the surgery way? I've heard doctors answer from both sides, but I'm curious.

F) Really, are there recommendations for one diet program over another? South Beach vs. Atkins? WW Flex vs. WW Core? By this I mean, what are the prognoses for true, sustained, long-term weight loss? Of course I can lose by counting calories, but can I keep it off?

G) Is it really true, from a medical standpoint, that people who lose substantial amounts of weight need surgery to rid themselves of "extra skin" ? In his medical opinion, can skin tighten up over the years, and we just need to be patient? Or is surgery the only way to get down to those final sizes?

I am sure I can have more ideas, but hopefully this will prime your pump.

Amy said...

aww, man. now i'm mad i didn't get through...not that i saw that before i left for home. aargh.