10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"These musty old books have a great deal more to say than in any of your... fabulous web pages."

someday i'm going to bump in to the person, completely by accident, who gives their voice to the unicell voice message and i'm going to go insane on the spot. "welcome to unicell, please dial all 10 digits!". i did you bastards. i dialed all ten digits five hundred times. that's a lot of digits. a slew. a gaggle of numbers. and then i had an ice cream sandwich and took a nap. so i didn't participate in that call thing last night, and i had debbi's question all ready to steal and make my own. the laws of copyright infringement are far reaching. so my evening was a bust, audio blogger fame is not to be mine, alas. and also i'm starving.

i already had breakfast so i'm trying diligently to chill. my scale read an unadulturated 170 this morning. the audacity, can you imagine? i'm pretty sure it's hormones and probably all the damn salt i've been eating. and maybe those french fries. things have been a little crazy foodwise, but i've got lots of good walks in and it's only wednesday. if i can push through the hormone thing at 170 that'll rock and i promise i won't complain. cross my heart.

i made the mistake of checking out my bmi and goal weights and yadda yadda. and i thought gee, 154 would be just under normal and it's only like 15 pounds (or 16 now i guess, see me not complaining?) and it's totally do-able. and then i thought, gee, if i keep up two pounds a week i'll be there in 8 weeks. july, i'll be skinny by july. is there a better way to be sure you never lose another pound than mapping it on a calendar. maybe buying a whole wardrobe in size 8, that would be bad too. i really wish i'd never thought about it, like "how much is hypnotherapy" wish i'd never thought about it. i'm going to try to forget about the 2 pounds a week and the july thing but remember the 154. i think that's a reasonable goal, right around normal. maybe i'll discover a secret formula that takes me below that with no trouble, but i doubt it. that's my goal. wish me luck!

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Debbi said...

No. There is no better way to guarantee you will never lose another pound than to set a date and calculate a potential weekly loss. Just think: If you could find a group of people who never want to lose weight, you could totally get rich selling this idea to them.