10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, May 07, 2007

"As a psych major, I'm qualified to go hmmm."

the fluffster hit me up with a thinking blogger award. so here i am being thinky to show my appreciation and to spread the internet peer award sharing love. so far i'm down one for three because there's this button i'm supposed to put up and i totally would if i could figure out how. but i can do the rest. the linking and the tagging, which is one in the same really. i can click that button with the chain and the world on it like a pro.

mal is utterly charming, frank, and a cunning gardener. michelle who is always positive and pregnant and isn't giving up. rachel who will be very much missed. sarah who comments but does not blog, the bitch. and pinky who i've been reading since 2002 (gasp!) and has since gone private but i still heart her pinkness. consider yourselves awarded and/or tagged, you know, if you want.


MayQueen said...

Wouldn't you know, today's the day I chose to write a post! It should be up soon. I'm so lazy. I really have to get back into it.

pinky pinkerson said...

2002! Sometimes I forget I started waaaay back then. I keep meaning to post something, now that I am employment free. But the last three weeks have passed like a beautiful dream.

Amy said...

glad you're enjoying your de-employment?

pinky pinkerson said...

I am TOTALLY enjoying my de-employment! for about a day I felt like a jerk for quitting a job that had some perks, but when several of my most-loved coworkers quit right after me, I didn't feel bad anymore.

And it sounds like things there are going even more downhill. Whenever I think of one of the tasks I used to do that I no longer have to do - i feel a vast, vast relief.