10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"I like chocolate. There is no bad here."

what happens when blood sugar goes bad! i have to say i've never really been able to eat at taco bell. i love mexican as much as the next scottish/quebecois american, but just not out of a window. that, and that one time that girl at college said she got a cow tendon in her bean burrito. i couldn't survive a misplaced tendon. i've accepted my limits and i love myself anyway.

speaking of the abyss of fast food, did anyone else know the dip at dairyqueen is lard? LARD. what is with the modern use of lard. isn't that why we went to the trouble of making all those chemicals, so lard could retire and move to florida like everyone else? my sister's bestfriend worked at a daryqueen in highschool and read the ingredients. you know how long ago that was? 15 years. my sister has left me in the lard dark for 15 years. i thought it was wax all this time. which is gross, but not lard gross. she is so not inheriting my buffy collection. i'd rather see it go to strangers.

i'm doing that thinking way too much about food thing i do whenever i am trapped in the bank and i can't go buy any. it's a good thing i'm stuck because i finally came back to 170 and i'd really like to keep it. the lure of cheezits might be too strong to resist if had the freedom to procure them. i've been way into salty lately. like those moose that lick the road in winter. you know what happens to them, they get hit by tractor trailers. shame i can't secure that kind of consequence for buying ridiculous snackfood. threat of a speeding 18 wheeler just might keep me out of the market all together.


Rebecca said...

oh my god...you are so crazy!!!!

do i detect a small moose problem in maine?

that is a good question though: would i lay off the chocolatey goodness if i were to be hit by a truck?

Amy said...

nothing pleases me more than to hear i'm crazy. i love you!

MayQueen said...

They lick the run-off at night on the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire, regular like clockwork. People go out there in the summertime to watch them every night at nine, like going to the dump to see the bears.

Amy said...

hey, do you like granola? organic granola? i just bought some and it sucks and if that's not an invitation for me to send it to you what is?

Jennette Fulda said...

That dooce entry pretty much sums up the deprivation and purge cycle.

The sell buckets of lard at Kroger. They're right at the end of the aisle, so I see them as I pass by and just shake my head. Lard! In a bucket! Why not just shoot yourself in the head right there in the meat department?

MayQueen said...

Hell, I'll try anything once. If you feel the need to mail me some granola I won't stop you.

i i eee said...

your sister's no longer inheriting your buffy collection. Ha-ha.

lovelines said...

feel free to bequeath your buffy collection to me if your sister isn't getting it lol