10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, March 12, 2007

"Girls always tell me that. Right before they run away."

check me out, i'm in spanish. statcounter never ceases to amuse. i just wish i remembered enough spanish to see if the translator fixes my grammatical errors. that would make a case for being in spanish all the time. i wonder what it does for allusions in french. do they get translated too? je me demande.

so, obviously, i'm in a better mood. there's nothing any of us can do except wait, no sense in holding my jaw tight enough to crack walnuts. and so i am officially chilling out. dudes.

i didn't get to do a lot of the things i was going to do while i was home. like glorious tax free shopping. i'm warming to the idea of some new clothes. i'd been trying to wait to pick up new things, telling myself it isn't important, that i should wait till these are really falling off. it's not important, not really, not in the sense that life will end if i wear the baggy pants for a while longer. there is however a problem with the momentum.

when i take more care in how i look i feel that much more like not eating easter bunnies. being excited about clothes does a little something for my motivation that i was trying to ignore to save some money. the problem is that i'm getting comfortable when i need to be just tickled enough to keep going. so when i have a bit of time i'm going to head back to the limited and see if their 12 fits. if it's "close enough" i'm going to get something, atleast one thing, to have a point to motivate to. it's not quite time to get comfortable.

it's true that i'm not ready to maintain, but do y'all reckon the clothes thing is a genuine motivater? or do i just want to spend money? it's only been five minute since i wrote that and i'm already wondering. when i get stressed i want to shop. i anticipate this habit, trying to protect myself from unnecessary spending. the theory did work for the jeans from the gap. knowing i spent the money on them forced me to make it work. does anyone else feel inspired by their expanding wardrobe?


i i eee said...

I think clothes are definitely a motivator. I try to always get back in gear when clothes stop fitting me (suddenly too small) so I think it works.

Amy said...

they are the best judge really.