10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

i essentially wasted the last two days of vacation that i had for this year. i'm starting to feel a little guilty about it for no good reason except that in retrospect i could've done so much more. i just didn't feel like it. i think i spent every bit of excess energy trying to figure out my new cell phone. there's no better way to punctuate a birthday than by flogging yourself with technology. there is atleast one button with no purpose but to frustrate me and i have no idea how to turn up the volume after searching for almost a week. so i'm deaf and old and i can't find my address book. WOOH! i love 26.

and i really can't wait for christmas to be over. i feel like if we can make it until tuesday we'll get our lives back. and if matt makes it through today without threatening anyone we'll have electricity. he's off loan shopping because apparently you need to pay your exorbitant electricity bill before they spend a second hooking you up. this whole thing is making me wish we were amish. i like pennsylvania, i like those soft pretzels, it could work.

in the realm of food news i bought some mini bagels this weekend. the label says mini and as far as i can tell they are exactly the same size as a normal bagel of 15 years ago. 90 calories a piece. i'm in love with them. when i think of mini i think of the ones so tiny you want to shelac them and put a magnet on the back. i know portions are out of control but to call normal "mini" is too weird. it makes me want to scratch the mini off the labels at the store. but i'd hate to show up in police beat for grocery vandalism. what would the in-laws say?


Anonymous said...

Almost all of the cell phones I've had have a button on the side. It has an up arrow and a down arrow. It's for volume.

It can be set through a menu as well, but not knowing what phone you have I couldn't tell you how to get to it.

Hope this helps.

Amy said...

i can assure the button does nothing. i'm not that dim.

i i eee said...

Ugh. New cell phones can be such a pain.

Maybe the Amish are onto something.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Amy, I didn't mean to imply anything by what I said. I apologize if that's how you understood it.

Amy said...

my response was a bit caustic and i apologize to you about that. it's just that if it was that easy i hope it'd have figured it out.