10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, March 24, 2006


praise the lord, the water weight is going away. i knew it would and i knew my eating wasn't on target so i'd probably be up that pound again. i am a little surprised because i didn't feel like eating the last few days, which is really weird. two nights ago i had a dream about milkduds and i woke up with a very intense feeling of having the caramel stuck in my teeth. but it didn't appeal to me to go buy some and eat them, i just didn't want them when i was awake. i think i'm reaping the first of many benefits of exercise, the lessening of the cramps. normally i have to take some advil to function around this time, but not these past few days. there has been discomfort, but only enough to keep me from buying and eating my weight in chocolate. i'm not too upset about it.

i started exercising again this morning. i generally take these days off because i tend to injure myself more easily. when i relayed to the boyfriend this information he said "is that why you gained 5 pounds?" and since i wrote such a nice missive about him yesterday i was able to restrain myself from killing him. i know i'm a bit willful but even for me a 5 pound gain from missing two walking days would be a bit much.

however, it's a bit sad to still be maintaining this 10 pound loss. i need to lose about 30 more pounds to be really happy to maintain. i'm trying to decide whether to go back to phase one of south beach (i'm doing mostly 3 right now) or just being patient and letting the body find it's own course. i've never done a dieting yo-yo thing so my metabolism shouldn't be too screwed up, just slowing with age. i'm doing more exercise and more regularly than i have in years and i am seeing improvements, part of me just wants to see numbers fall off the scale.

the boyfriend's boss keeps saying i look thinner, i thought that was all the power of black but maybe i'm being too hard on myself.


Nirvana said...

I enjoyed reading through your great blog and seeing your point of view.

Amy said...

thanks for stopping by! your site makes me want a horse. maybe i'll put a saddle on the cat...

PastaQueen said...

You're not on the sleeping pill Ambien, are you? People on that have reported sleep-eating. Maybe you're chowing down on Milk Duds in you sleep :)

I think the lessening of menstrual cramps is an even better side effect of exercise than weight loss.

Amy said...

i don't even know where i'd get milk duds at that hour. you reckon it's a good or a bad thing that there aren't any 24 hour stores here?

it is nice to be pain free!