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Sunday, November 13, 2011

"I wish I had a blowhole"

After years and years of abuse I finally killed my original iphone.  it was the day after steve jobs died which i find especially poignant.  anyway, since it took me longer to kill that phone than any other phone I have ever owned, i decided to hit up ebay and get a new old school iphone.  At first I was just going to replace the screen and some other bits but then the whole thing bit the dust when whatever bits and bobs you need to charge the battery stopped working.  a ha! I thought, I'll just replace the whole phone with this other old school phone i bought off ebay, which is in such good condition that i think they must have kept it in a glass case in on their mantle instead of actually using it as a phone.  they certainly never dropped it twice a week on to cement like i did.

I thought changing out the guts would be hard and all the tutorials on youtube proved me right, what with the special tools and instructions that tell you to use force but be careful.  I didn't think it would be more difficult to make the practically brand new phone come to life but i was totally wrong.  it's way more frustrating dealing with stuff that should work as opposed to stuff that is leaking proverbial phone blood all over the place.  customer care told me i had to get a new sim card...at the store...and after four days i was finally able to do this.  and actually it helped.  it helped in the way that i can now see the phone on my itunes and restore the settings but alas, can still not at all use the phone.

i'm starting to get hulk mad, like when your clothes rip at the seams and you call customer service and are short on the pleasantries with the tech help just because you can be, watch out at&t!

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