10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"But I haven't spent any money, I was all dead...and frugal."

I dunno blogging is just not a priority lately.  I can't do it at work, where I'm not supposed to use the internet at all even to check my personal email.  This is going to be the longest winter in the history of ever.  We'll have to get a chessboard or something because there's nothing else we're allowed to do.  Except work, that there isn't much of which to do.  If I didn't know that they needed me whether there is work or not I'd be really worried.  As it is, I'm worried I'll go completely insane this winter.

Daylight savings time is here and it's a pain in the rump.  I hate it.  I don't remember hating it this much last year but probably because I was self-employed and not working a boring and rigidly houred job.  We're taking extra long walks in the morning, and since matt measured our usual walk at 2.5 miles we're doing pretty well.  I'm not shifting any weight personally but the dogs are happy.  I have to get back into pilates to move any pounds and I just can't, my priority right now is keeping the house clean and it's hard.  Actually keeping on top of it instead of being consistently behind is a challenge.  I'd have to wash the dogs at the door to really keep on top of it, or send them out in those suits crime scene people wear on tv shows.  Which would be kind of awesome and adorable.


Cara said...

So cute. If you find those suits, let me know. I have two mud/snow tracking dogs who destroy my hardwood floors on a daily basis. Keep it up!

The Merry said...

Clearly, you are just a horrible person whom I will never read again no not ever even if you say please really, really nicely and offer me all your lunch money.

Um... well, another school of thought is that you are giving so much of yourself in other areas, it is only fair/right/reasonable that for the sake of your sanity you cut back on others. I do hope you don't cut the anchor rope and leave your readers adrift on a sea of less-interesting blogs. Vacation = good. Farewell = not so good.

One problem with being dog-less is you have fewer residents to blame the dust bunnies on. These days, they're all full of dust. Imagine!

No, don't imagine. Tonight, I walked by a neighbor's house. In the front window, a dog had his nose pressed against the glass waiting for his human to return. And my front window was empty. It's worth a little extra cleanup :*(

Amy said...

I am a horrible person, I'm glad we cleared that up.

they're well worth the dirt, it's a wagging vs. sweeping equation and the wagging always wins.