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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Enell sports bra

Has anyone tried one? I decided recently, maybe because I work with an 84 year old woman who is fitter than I am, that I should make an effort to keep my body parts where they are. Matt readily agrees so I'm going to spend some dosh on bras. Let me know if you guys have any breast information to share!


Jessica said...

I tried one. It was mediocre. For all of the Oprah endorsements and "The bounce stops here!" I still bounced quite a bit.

I called before I ordered, as I was at the edges of sizing for a 2, and was told to order the size range I fit in. I was also told that alterations started at 15 dollars for the first, and either 5 or ten afterwards... I believe to get the elusive "no bounce", the bra would have cost at least 75 dollars. I don't quite have that money for being in college, you know?

Something somewhere was too large (the back, I believe), and since I hadn't ordered it from Enell, I figured returning it after using it for two weeks was probably not going to happen.

I ended up using my Le Mystere everyday bras for exercising in. Much less bounce.

Amy said...

Thanks Jessica. I've always used my everyday bras for exercising and now they all need replacing so I thought I'd go for the real thing. Hard choices.

Lauren said...

So my exercise bra experience. I bought one at lane bryant, just a regular ol' cotton sports bra, and apparently to get the no bounce, you need to get one a few sizes smaller than your usual shirt size. I thought it would be uncomfortable as currently I'm between an 18 and 22 in shirts and the bra is a 14/16, but it's pretty great.

Roz said...


I have larger breasts and the Enell is just awesome! For the first time I get to really exercise without having to worry about strapping the girls down. That said, it is tight and it feels like a combo waistcoat/corset and it a BIG sportsbar, but well worth it.