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Friday, March 13, 2009

"We need to talk about your TPS reports."

So, my first day of full time temping was wednesday. The woman who was showing me my ropes suggested I bring a book...so I did. There was literally no one there on wednesday, one woman and none of the 5 calls I got were for her. So I read most of my book and brought it with me for the very last chapter on thursday. Everyone was there on thursday and still there was nothing for me to do, so, I read my book. The director would walk by every few seconds and say "do you have enough to do" and I would say "frankly, no, it's just not that busy". I get how he thinks I'm wasting his money, but sitting there sans book is equally unproductive and there are no customers...it's just an office...so there's no one to think I'm neglecting them. The girl I'm replacing broke her leg and she's waiting at home until she's well enough to sit at a chair with her leg elevated so she can come back. She'll be back in two weeks or less. There is simply no point in teaching me her job only to fuck it up for her to have to fix and also, for the pay I'm receiving I'm simply not going to kill myself to produce for them...just not going to do that. I guess I can't read a book on the day the director is there...perhaps a deck of cards...

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