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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"just a flesh wound"

Puppy survived his neutering. Actually, he passed with flying colors. He didn't even notice that I left and was thrilled to see me when I got there. He is already back to his old self, barking at the kitty, working for treats, licking the memory of his manhood. Actually I have to call them later, they gave him a bath and his whites have never been so white! Matt suggested they used bleach but somehow I doubt it.

I have another meeting about a job. A part time job that could be really fun but little money. It's good timing because my friend has just asked me if I'd like to share a super cheap office space in ellsworth. I'd really like to but practically I might have to work all those part time hours just to pay the rent there and if we sign a lease then I would be a bit trapped financially. Unless having an office to work in is the be all end all of productivity for me. There are lots of things to think about.


Sugarcrook said...

I used to have a dedicated office and was very productive in it, but it still wears on you. Now I work from home and the productivity is fine, but I'll still go work from a coffee shop or library for a few hours every now and then. Just having a change of venue helps.

Rebecca said...

hiya...glad to see your still around!!

Anonymous said...

With office rental increasing, it doesn't make much sense to have a physical office. I believe the future of most businesses will be virtual and leveraging off using a virtual office space.