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Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Charlene, I think you're special..."

There was a very sweet, very christian girl selling personalized children's music cd's in the booth across from us at the fair. It was sort of awesome/horrible but she was super adorable so I can almost forgive the fact that I will have every single one of those songs stuck in my head for the rest of my life. She did all of our names and I asked her if she had Barack, but sadly that's not an option. It would have rocked.

We just about broke even and since we have a few more shows to do we should have a profit at the end. A lot of the other crafters were very disappointed in the turnout. We felt pretty fortunate. Our theory is that most people buy wreaths every year and ours were pretty cheap...it was a blue light special sort of day...unlike some of the other products that they had to work a little harder to sell (how many people need a dinner plate clock for instance). It was very educational. We learned that Hemlock and Pine together is a very big hit, sometimes you can't have too much gold on one wreath (that was a special experience, I wish I had a picture), and glitter makes everything better. We had a pretty good time altogether and I got a very nice loaf of wheat bread from a wise vendor who didn't want to take it home. Which I totally understand now.

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