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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"Your luggage is in the capable hands of a team of porters."

Sometimes when things happen at work I have to stop and remind myself that this is a real job and not just some dream I'm having where something idiotic goes wrong. One person called out this morning. I am dying of the plague, ie my throat hurts, so I didn't hurry into the office today. At 8 am my boss called me to ask if that person called out today and I said yes, why...Why, because no one else at the office has a key. I mean they're supposed to but they don't have one today...so all our crews and everyone else was standing around outside because of all the people there including two managers no one had a key. Heh, funny. The one key in the vicinity was in the hands of the jamaican cook who lives ACROSS the street and no one could think to go wake him up and get it including his FIVE roommates. It's very lucky that the door was unlocked and they were all gone when I got here because I might have killed them all. And I'm sure prison would aggravate my sore throat...

I have hardly unpacked a thing. Every night has been jam packed with sick grandmas and trips to walmart with guatemalans and tonight I'm baking cookies for the peanut butter king. One of our guatemalan guys is in love with peanut butter, inch think peanut butter sandwich for lunch every day in love with peanut butter, and we sort of missed his birthday so he's getting cookies. I wrote down the wrong day, I feel really bad. He must have thought we didn't care...AWWW. Hopefully the peanut butter cookies will make up for it.

The good thing about being so busy since we got back is that I haven't had time to bake every night. It's been good for me but Matt's over it, he's ready for his regularly scheduled snack having. Matt is right now sneaking cookies and thinking I won't notice...boys!


Keetha said...

I really hope you're joking about the whole key thing. Surely you jest.

Amy said...

I wish I was kidding. This is one of the examples as to why I'm so valuable here. It's frightening.