10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

"You can put your arms down when you get to school" or winter exercise for your inner child

I wish I knew exactly how many calories shoveling burned because we had two and a half feet yesterday. I'm trying to be all pro-active about it because you can't get better incidental exercise than shoveling heavy wet snow. I might clean up my paths a bit tonight to get some more muscle burn. And then build a snow fort. There's SO much snow SO early that I just have this need to be one with the snowball army. I know I can take Matt, I didn't study battle strategy for four years for nothing.

I'm pretty excited about the snow this year. Last year it pissed me off because it meant I couldn't run anymore but now I can't run anyway so I might as well shovel. I was just thinking that I need to find ways to be inspired to exercise inside because of the cold but hello! I had forgotten about snowball fights. And sledding. Nothing like dragging a hunk of wood up a snow covered hill for cardio.

I'm all positive thoughts and sunbeams today. I even have to hit the grocery store later and I'm not annoyed about it. Wooh! Buying lettuce and shoveling and pants falling down all make me happy. I must have been replaced by a robot in the night. Obvious. No other explanation.

I hope the robotics stick around because I have to make a bakery's worth of goods for tomorrow's party and I need to not eat it all. Or any of it. Despite popular belief, cupcakes aren't necessary to maintain life. Unlike chocolate.


pinky pinkerson said...

I have to bake three dozen cupcakes, and two dozen cookies sometime before Saturday. And I just got diagnosed with gestational diabetes so I cannot eat any of it, or I will have a TWELVE POUND BABY AND DIE. Cripes.

Amy said...

A test of wills indeed, gestational diabetes sucks. My sister had it twice and she did have fat babies, but then she did't give up sugar she just took more insulin. My youngest niece was like 14 pounds...if ever there was an incentive to give up sugar that would be it.

pinky pinkerson said...

oh god. fourteen pounds? More than nine or so and there go the 1,000,000 little baby shirts and outfits that I already have (most of them hand me downs, a few new).

fourteen. That makes me clutch my midsection in horror. That had to be a c-section.

last night as I was glumly eating nuts for a snack I just kept saying to myself "you don't want a monster baby, you will eat your vegetables. cookies are not your friend!"

Amy said...

It was not a c-section. They usually are because I guess if the baby is too big natural can break their little collar bones, but no, rory was a regular birth. She was glad it wasn't a c-section because the recovery is so long, she wouldn't have been able to take care of the other kids.