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Friday, November 16, 2007

The thing about pants

So pretty much I'm going away this weekend with the express intention of spending a ludicrous amount of money on clothes and I just placed a gap.com order. I hate it when I do that. I have this "I can always take it back" thing in my head. I am painfully short on clothes, but I didn't order anything that would be really helpful...like pants. Which was silly. I guess I know what I'll be buying on vacation.

I sort of hate buying pants. Pants are very annoying when your weight is changing. Should I be saying slacks here? I probably should but it makes me feel like my dad. "Those are nice slacks, don't you look sharp", which you have to pronounce shaahp if you want the full New England dad effect. And then you have to go to Easter at my cousins house and freeze your ass off because they always have their thermostat set to morgue. You'll wish you were looking shaahp in a parka and Uggs. But that is not the point of this post.

Too large pants are really inconvenient. They fall down and you have to pull them up all day. And then while they're falling down you catch your heel on the hem and then you have to sew the hem. But you're not going to spend your valuable cupcake eating time fixing a hem on pants that hardly fit you, so you use stitch witchery. But you keep wearing them because you can't find another pair of pants so you have to wash them and then the stitch witchery which *promised* to be *magic* comes apart and your hem falls again. It's just innevitable that you look like crap because your pants don't fit. So you have to go shopping.

I bought a bunch of shirts and sweaters today because it appears that I don't have any. I'm so efficient at giving away my clothes when they're too big that now there's nada left. I always think I look like crap when my pants don't fit, but you know what? I look like crap when any of the clothes I'm wearing don't fit. I have to keep telling myself it's ok to buy clothes that fit. It's ok to move from XL to L to M. I tend to maintain when I splash out on clothes, like I hate to get value for money. I could just keep working and get skinny and sell them on Ebay like everyone else if I'm that worried about "wasting" a discount sweater from the gap. I'm going to try to remember that when they're too big in a few months but for now I'm raising my proverbial glass to wearing clothes that fit and losing weight at the same time. The audacity.


pinky pinkerson said...

you always deserve clothes that fit, even if you aren't "done" yet. Do you have any good thrift or consignment stores within driving distance? Those can be good for getting rid of nicer things as well as shopping for yourself.

Unrelated - do people in Maine actually use Tom's of Maine? Just wondering.

Lauren said...

I was thinking about that today. I just ordered two new pairs of jeans for when I go down to 24's (cause I'm in Korea and they dont' have my size here so I have to look ahead...or i just really like shopping) and if I buy 2 new pairs of jeans for every size, even if they are cheap 25 dollar jeans, thats still silly. I want to just wear my current size until I get smaller, but my jeans get caught on my bike spokes
and swish
so it's time to get new ones.

Siv Bente said...

I think pants are evil, they never fit all over. Either they are to tight over the belly or they are to wide over my tights, or both.

Anonymous said...

One of the only good things about having been here before is that I saved all of my hardly worn clothes for this reason.

However, I completely wore a ton of skirts when I was rapidly losing weight (as I may do again this time). As far as pants, I would get them just a little tight so they'd fit longer.

It really IS a pain!

lovelines said...

Consider it an investment in your weight loss, or a down payment for a healthier, fitter you. Or some other cheery finance/weight metaphor.

Anyhow, it's annoying, but at least it means you're still losing weight!

Amy said...

There are definitely some mainers that use Tom's. Granola types. Probably the same proportion as anywhere. That's not the right word, whatever, but a lot of mainers really hate the bert's bees lady so imagine they don't buy that even though colgate owns it now. (i think it's colgate, i might be wrong.)

pinky pinkerson said...

That's funny you should mention Burt's Bees - they have a local tie to where I am, and used to have a small storefront. Burt himself used to stand outside of it, handing out coupons that looked like dollar bills, with his face where the face would go. He looked like a crazy homeless man.

(and Burt's Bees shampoo is drying the heck out of my hair so I think I'm going to stop using it)