10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, August 13, 2007

"ten percent of nothing is, uhm, let me do the math"

in a word, pissy. last week was unpleasant. but diet wise it went very well. i didn't actually lose any pounds but i didn't buy an entire cake and eat it myself so that's awesome. right now i'm much less pissy. the birthday party went very well and there were plenty of chairs. and plenty of pie. and everyone had a good time. and later i was able to hand off a dozen cupcakes and half of the infamous yellow watermelon to matt's mom. i really don't need two dozen chocolate and cream cheese frosting cupcakes in my house, i just don't.

i had some kind of cleaning revelation and i gutted my closet yesterday. i have this tendency to forget about all the gorgeous clothes i have and wear the same 5 shirts all week. i hate that. so i'm de-cluttering. i have so many things that i pull out and say "i love that!". you know what, i love it so much i haven't worn in in 7 months. that's how much i love it. so now i have a last chance saloon shelf. if i can't choose one of those shirts over the many white v-necks i wear like a uniform they have to go. i'm not worthy. 'course i also did a lot of shopping this weekend. i think i bought one of everything old navy was selling. i haven't liked a shred of their clothes for most of the last year and all of sudden this season i'm enamored. it must be magic.

this is officially supposed to be a free for all week, diet wise, but i think i worked it all out of my system with shopping. we have enough soap and toothpaste and infusium to last FOREVER. i had a lot of coupons and the cute old lady who rung me up rang one of them twice and if she's not there next time i go i'm going to feel terrible because i didn't tell her and if she's fired it's all my fault. i feel like i should call, but i didn't even notice till i had left. it's grating on my soul. i can hear my mother tsking from beyond.


MayQueen said...

I got your message. Sorry I didn't call back. Perhaps my phone called you, but I did not. Was it the cell phone or the land line? Becasue sometime last week my cell phone was temporarily possessed by the devil and produced the froo-its of evil. I had to take the battery off the back to make it stop.

Amy said...

yeah, or the last number i looked up was your house phone and i never exited and then when it said missed call i thought "oh yay, it was sarah!" and then i looked again and it was really my sister. i used you as a reference for a job by the way.

pinky pinkerson said...

Old Navy likes to snag me with their 20% sales and free shipping if you use a gapcard. I am on pins and needles hoping that the package will come and one of the shirts in it will be appropriate to wear to a party. Because if it isn't I have to go shopping. Bleah.

My summer goal is to somehow consolidate my three closets and one rolling rack into one closet. I have four lawn and leaf bags full of stuff to donate, but it isn't quite enough.

Amy said...

i hear you there. which perfect black skirt do you get rid of, and which gorgeous black sweater? i love them all and still they don't get worn.

i hope your shirt works out!