10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"I'm eating this now. It's not lunchtime, I don't even care."

167 and holding. which makes me feel like a greasy worker in the engine room of a submarine. not the weight, using the words "and holding". you know, like in the films. and then the captain says "good work" and you feel all validated. probably like one of those insurance honchos that get 15 billion dollar bonuses for denying children and old people healthcare. i imagine 15 bil would be very validating.

i usually only use this much imagery when i'm in a bad mood, but i'm actually not today. i'm perky. i'm thinking about taking a cooking class. and maybe a writing class. the cooking class because it's vegetarian. that would be awesome. i always want to do those kinds of classes and then i realize they probably cook a lot of meat because lots of people eat meat. it's totally reasonable for adult education i just don't want to pay to cook meat when i can do it at home for free. the vegetarian class sounds pretty awesome though. i can always use ideas to kickstart a veggie proteiny dinner and i have a serious desire to learn to use lentils. i feel like that's the thing to do, eat more lentils. i have a lentil calling and i'm going to embrace it.

the writing class is less about desire and more about me needing a push. i might hate it. i'll probably hate it. and i'll have fabulous excuses as to why i stop going the third week in but i think i might sign up anyway. living the easy, pointless life is well...easy. but more than a little bit dull. for 45 dollars i think it's worth it to kick start my brain. at the very least i can mock the other students which proved very amusing in college. it probably means that i'm at heart a bad person, but there's just no way i can take people who say "if they had the bible, why weren't they christians?" seriously. if that's your world view in a class labeled "cultures of india" you deserve to be mocked five years later on some anonymous fat blog.

what comes after petty and mocking? more job news. the new folks pay 100% of our health insurance. that's awesome. if i last that long i'm gonna get my knee checked out left, right and center. i feel very not sure about my decision to put that off. i have a feeling it will end badly. if i don't go now and pay for it myself, my knee will fall off. if i spend a few thou and get it checked now, it will be fine and they will prescribe advil when it's "uncomfortable". advil is the one thing the doctor said i should do for my arm and i haven't done it. i got the b vitamins and i use the ice. i don't want to take 16 advil a day when it doesn't hurt that much. to which she said it's not for the pain it's for the inflamation. i can dig that, it's just so much drugs. i don't want to take so many drugs if i'm not in dire need. is this me being stubborn for no good reason? i'll have to re-read this in a few hours and see if i dis-agree then. and i'll keep my advil handy.


PastaQueen said...

I'm the same way with pills. I'm always like, "Is this really going to help?" But I have to admit they sometimes do. But sometimes I take pills and still have cramps, so my dubiousness continues.

Amy said...

i don't want it to get to the point where i have to take 5 to stop a headache. i'd rather stay drug free as possible.

MayQueen said...

It must have been hard to be a Christian with all those dinosaurs running around, keeping you from getting to church, not letting you worship the Lord properly.

Writing classes were invented to humiliate people. If you're in a writing class, it's open season on your dignity. Not that they're not fun and rewarding and informative, because they are. But you'll also probably want to kill yourself.