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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

L and M and N and P won't start till O arrives

as per why you should never eat the crunchy edge of a brownie after you give the rest of it to your boyfriend, you will be genuinely pissed that he accepted it. clearly it is no one's fault but his that you don't have enough brownie and you might never be able to forgive him. ever.

it's probably also a good reminder that if you've been saying no to keep on chugging with that because yes can be very confusing.


i i eee said...

I knew just having the crunchy edge would be a mistake.

Much better to just throw it away instead of letting him enjoy it. heh

Amy said...

i did too, but it didn't stop me. what to do with the WHOLE pan when i get home i have no idea. how many brownies can you force a boyfriend to eat? we should stop for rope.