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Friday, April 27, 2007

and it was all exclamation pointy! oooooh.

i just deleted my first totally random hate comment. wow, i'm excited. i thought i'd have nothing to talk about today. it was all caps, linked to a profile that doesn't exist, and the grammar...it was poor. (sob) i could weep at this milestone, it's like an afterschool special. you know you've arrived when people you don't know hate you for existing.

i always sort of admired the ladies of fatty mcblog for leaving those icky nasty comments up. they believed that they weren't there to be censors and it must have been a hard decision to leave that nonsense up. anyone who uses the english language would be sick just seeing the execution. the meaning however is even more disgusting. if you ever read the mcblog comments you know how bad it can get, mud slinging of the worst kind. any anonymous fool with fingers and a keyboard thinks they know best, and are happy to tell you how much you suck.

hate speech stinks and i'll remove every bit of it that pops up here. i don't keep this site so people can stop by and read hurtful things. this is a blog, not a democracy. so i'll be taking advantage of the one place where i'm allowed to play god and i will be deleting with a flourish and a song in my heart. just so y'all know.


A said...

What in the world did you get a "hate" comment for? Screw'em!

Amy said...

it was one of those i hate fatties, stop eating ones. nothing particular to me. i'd love to know what link brought them here, i hope no one else wakes up to it too.

Jennette Fulda said...

One of the best things about having a blog is that you get to delete people who annoy you. Wouldn't it be great if we could do that elsewhere in life? The guy driving to slow in front of you - zap - he's gone. The neighbor playing their music too loud - just click "Delete."

I've had a couple of nasty comments lately and I wonder if it's the same person going on some sort of fat-blogging hate spree. A couple days ago someone commented on an entry from about 2 years ago saying I should be ashamed that I couldn't fit into chairs with arms. It made me laugh because it was obvious this person had just done a hit and run and had no idea I wasn't really fat anymore. I went to the theatre this weekend and not only did I fit in the chair, I could stick my hand in the empty space between my butt and the arm. After I deleted the comment they left another one complaining that I deleted their comment, which I then deleted. These people are so weird.

As for Fatty McBlog, I always thought they should delete the hate comments. People respond to the haters and the whole thing escalates into a war. Engage and enrage.

Amy said...

no democracy on the internets, you want to be heard? say something worth hearing. moron.

Amy said...

and because i forgot i also wonder if maybe it's the same person and they lost their fix since fatty mcblog went dormant. but part of me hopes they are the master mind behind my referrall "what does alpacas look like" because i'd love to think he was all engrossed in alpaca porn and then BAM! he done got a fat blog instead. the world is SO unfair.

i i eee said...

Alpaca porn...hahaha.

What a jerk-off. I can't believe how rude people think they can be sometimes. LAME. So glad you deleted it. Not worth keeping something like that up. It's one thing if someone leaves a comment disagreeing with you or something, but when it's just a troll bashing...not cool.

The fatty haters ate Fatty McBlog are so awful -I hope it's just one or two people, but if not...at least it opened my eyes how hateful people can be to the obese. To be honest, I had no idea people were so eager to volunteer their cruelty. Why can't they just let people be?

Amy said...

you know what you were saying about highschool? we're still there and sometimes i think we always will be. maturity now!

i'm glad i deleted it too, too bad i didn't have the grace not to mention it. maybe next time.

Unknown said...

I've been blogging about 9 months with no hate comments but I've been expecting something. I do get people leaving ads. You could consider it a sideways comment that they thought enough of you to pick on you I guess. Love your entry titles! They're clever.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I know "you go girl!" doesn't sound like the right thing to say here, but really! I'm saying it for your resolve not to make other people have to read that crap, so good for you!

Vashta Narada said...

Just for the record, I really enjoy your blog and think your sense of humor is fantastic.

Other than my usual commenters, I've only gotten generic weight loss ads on my blog, no hateful rants. I classify those people as high tech vandals. Instead of writing "Susie is a b*tch" on the bathroom wall, now they can scrawl their frustration and anger online.

I think it's best to delete them too and not let the negativity linger.

I miss the girls at Fatty McBlog. I wonder what happened.

Kyra said...

Oh, congrats! You have your very own troll now. Remember to feed him. ;)

I delete all personal attacks. They're all random and generally based on weird things. I figure, my blog, my world, my rules. I also found out a long time ago if you talk too much about them, it emboldens others to send more of them to you - like the trolls sense blood in the water or something. The morons. ;) So now,it's all zapped.

Amy said...

i can only take credit for the titles not in quotes, everything else is buffy or some other pop culture...thing.

it seems like no one else got a stinky comment, so that's good. i thought maybe they'd be phishing for a response in more than one place.