10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, January 22, 2007

"You know all that stork stuff is just a smokescreen"

i do make a lot with the buffy quotes, count me among the legions of joss whedon love slaves. i personally can't wait to see the referrals that come for that last sentence, it's gonna be a party. speaking of parties, some of my favorite girls are coming to visit today. i'm starting the week at about 171 and hopefully i can finish not too much higher. which shouldn't be a problem because i think i got a weeks' worth of exercise yesterday cleaning my house. which reminds me, if you have wood floors and a cat i highly recommend using pledge in the living room. there are few things more life affirming than watching your cat slide across the room.

i cut my closet in half this weekend. it was a very everything must go sort of event. i have a huge garbage bag full of clothes to give away. i haven't necessarily grown out of them, i just don't want to wear them. they sort of remind me of being depressed and fat and sad. screw that. there are people here who can use warm clothes so they're going away to someone who'll be glad to have them. there's no reason to keep clothes that make me depressed and fill up my closet. funny, i don't feel that way about shoes...

so my college friends are due to arrive way late this evening. all i've thought about all weekend is what to feed them. someone wrote recently about knowing a few feeders...that's definitely me. there's definitely some much repressed mothering urge going on there. i've been holding out cooking anything too calorific just for myself incase things worked and they did make their visit. full steam ahead for macaroni and cheese and flourless chocolate cake. i love visitors. so much so that i scrubbed my floor three times on my hands and knees. i really want to leave it dirty for the landlord for my own sadistic and self satisfying reasons. maybe i'll have time to trash it before we move. i hope.


Rebecca said...

man lady....your kickin some very serious bootay on the weight front!


Salma Gundi said...

I love the Buffy quotes, and I like your reasoning very much on why some of your clothes needed to go. I have some that make me feel like I'm becoming trapped into being someone I'm not. Maybe I'll boot them out of the closet this weekend.

Best wishes to you. Thanks for the inspiration.

Amy said...

i'm working on living in the now. i have to remind myself every five minutes...but i still try.