10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"no shoes, no pulse, no service"

since i have a financial job and i live in seemingly constant financial crisis it was only a matter of time that i did the all i can think about is taxes post. that's all i can think about lately, taxes. i'm determined that it will not suck like it did last year. so i did a pre-run through and i owe 47 dollars. so far IRS-2 points : Me-weeping incessantly.

i refuse to pay this year. what good is living on the poverty line if you still have to give bush money? no good, there is no good there. so i'm going to do everything i can think of to lower the bar of my tax burden. sadly, i can't go blind for a prior tax year. it's much too late to birth dependants for 2006 or buy a house. too late to marry, although i don't know if that would really help me anyway, and too late to take everything i own to goodwill for a charitable contribution receipt.

however, all is not lost. it's not too late to make the most of the excise tax refund. i printed no less than two trees worth of phone bills to see if it's worth itemizing the spanish war deduction. i'm not sure it's worth it. i have to go back to 2003 and do some more research. but i did learn that you should save your bills instead of shredding them. i always told myself one day i'd suffer my refusal to save them and here i am, an amy of my word.

and then i opened a health savings account, which if you have a high deductible policy i highly recommend; not only can you do this until april 15 (or april 17 in Maine and Mass.) for a prior tax year, if you make it to 65 without having a medical emergency you can go to tahiti; it's a win-win situation.* the fine print, i must admit, makes me a little wary but i absolutely refuse to pay this year so there it is. it must be done. i'm also considering an IRA, which would be just as good if not better because you can withdraw the principle whenever/whyever and would help me write off more funds, but frankly i'm a little cash poor so i might have to work that mojo next year.

with my tweaks, it looks like i'll clear this year even rather than owing. i don't ask for much do i? course the state will be a different matter. the state does not careth how thou masketh thee earnings. thou must payeth, and with haste. i could do a run through with my assumed federal numbers but i'm a little worried. i'm not emotionally ready. i have, however, been showing a pound loss for a couple of days. which pleases me very much. if i can hold on to that progress the state of maine might not break my heart after all.

*i do hope you realize auto-spell check did this, i would never use a semi-colon let alone two in one sentence. be advised.


MayQueen said...

"no shoes, no pulse, no service"

What did the shoeless undead ever do to you?

Amy said...

it's xander after angel goes bad.