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Friday, January 12, 2007

never tell IT your computer responds to violence

they won't believe you. they might actually think it's your fault that the monitor doesn't work because you have to encourage it. the strong willed dell flatscreen...coming to bookstores near you.

i really hope i got that title right otherwise that joke sucks. they're pimping girlscout cookies on the radio. not only will no girlscouts cross my path but it'll be months before they start selling them out of the backs of vans like scallops. clearly i'm feeling a little weak just now and a box of samoas (or the more pc caramel delights depending on your region) would really be awesome.

remember that thing i wrote that time, about buying stuff and not eating it. matt and i had this conversation about the cupboard. the one with the 14 bags of chocolate chips. yeah, i wasn't joking about that. i also have 4 or 5 (can't remember) bottles of aunt jemima. because a. pancakes are the one thing my crohn's boyfriend can always eat. and b. it's sort of expensive for high fructose corn syrup and i buy bulk when it's on sale. well, it's on sale this week and i have coupons. a lot of coupons. there was clearly some meddling by the gods because i got to sort through four set of coupons this weekend and now i have four coupons for pancake syrup. the buy two save a dollar kind. that's eight. eight plus 4 is WAY too many for my kitchen.

clearly i'm a compulsive coupon shopper, no denial here. today. but i really don't think i can resist buying atleast two. and the greater issue is that i still need to allow myself the opportunity of being a glutton if i wanted to. a different amy in a different life wouldn't have a stockpile of baking chocolate because she would've used every last morsel by now. as evidenced by her ass and it's largess. by the same token, i used to join matt for pancakes on the weekends. it's rare now that i start my day off with all that sugar and that's why we have a quartet of jemimas. so really, all that crap food in my cupboard is progress and not unreasonable hoarding. see? the sense, it practically oozes from the screen.


You've come a long way baby! said...

Perhaps you could invite your family and friends over for chocolate chip pancakes. They will love you for it and you will use up some of that chocolate and syrup.

I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work (weight loss and writing that is)!

Rebecca said...
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