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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

i said "smorgasbord" to a possible employer

i got a call yesterday about interviewing for a job that would culminate everything i went to school to do. and when she gave me the list of times i said it was a smorgasbord of choices. because i am an idiot. she laughed instead of hanging up, so that's good. i just have to cut of my tongue like in Quills before next wednesday. and learn sign language.

the interview i was hopped up about before is this afternoon. and i found enough suity things to make me look as though i dress like a grownup all the time. that was the goal anyway, i think i look more like the father of the bride. but maybe that's an exaggeration stemmed from nerves. i'm practising cool confidence. because i am cooly confident. and also they called me first. i'm still riding that high, the tail end.

random ass updates. still holding at 175. trying not to daydream about dream job so i won't freak out when they hire someone with actual experience. also going to try not to summarise the feelings above for the next week and until i get a call back. so as not to bore you lovely folks. we're still waiting for power and not holding our collective breath about getting it before winter really hits. and currently trying to decide how much time i have to spend with matt's family for my birthday without offending anyone. my family is so much easier. they would never grill me about matt's birthday/or christmas.*

(edited to add rant warning, proceed at your own gossip laden risk.)

*look, i went and put the footnote right exactly below the noted entry. kate turabian is in chicago weeping. what happened with the christmas tree thing? i don't know i wasn't there. apparently the brother's girlfriend is all hot for christmas and spent an evening nagging matt about going on the family christmas tree hunt. her other hobby must be pushing rocks up hills because there's no one that hates christmas more than matt. causing a fight over whether or not someone's going to get a christmas tree is really in the spirit of the season. i'm thinking we're going to become jehovah's witnesses just to avoid all this holiday crap. and they have such fascinating literature. i don't hate christmas, but it doesn't do anything for me and i'll be damned if i'm going to spend the rest of my life trying to live up to someone else's holiday expectations. especially someone i'm not related to in any way. but maybe that's just me. and maybe it makes me a little grumpy about having to spend the holiday with them. (but really, the girl put victoria's secret gift certificate on her christmas list for her boyfriend's parents...classy.)


Beth Currie said...

Oh, I'm totally with you on the Christmas rant. Here is Beth's recipe for Christmas happiness. You can learn much, grasshopper.

1) Arrange to see all your relatives on the week *before* Christmas, thus leaving the 23rd to 26th completely free of all family commitments. Decide to spend said four days doing nothing but eating, drinking, walking dogs, reading books, spending quality time with other half and quality time with the TV.

2) Buy all relatives gifts from Oxfam Unwrapped, and instruct them to do the same for you. You give like a goat to a family in the third world and your mum gets a fridge magnet telling her about it. People think you're being selfless and giving to charity, but actually you just love the fact that you can do your entire Christmas shop in under an hour, online. Plus you won't get given any horrible socks or jumpers.

3) Um, actually, thats it.

Hope the job interview(s) go REALLY well :-))

Beth Currie said...

Oh, and I forgot to add, re your smorgasbord comment. Once in an interview some guy asked me, if I was an animal which one would I be, and why. Not exactly thinking on my feet, I told him I would be a dog. Because I was loyal and affectionate. He actually sat there and wrote "DOG" on my CV. I didn't get a job offer :-)

Amy said...

the man wrote dog on your cv, that's very special. we had a whole conversation about chinese culture which was strange, but maybe he'll think i'm an intellectual equal or something. maybe.