10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, September 25, 2006

black and white

the worst thing you can ever do is eat cheesecake at 9 am and then go to the anthropologie website. cruel and unusual. i didn't have to order dessert at all last night, the culminating meal of my dad's visit, but you don't go to the restaurant with 14 home-made desserts and not get something. it wouldn't be right. the whole weekend made me realize that i am an idiot, i do care about losing a few more pounds, and we hardly ever order dessert. i wish that i was one of those people who ate cake from dusk till dawn because it would be easier to pinpoint the problem areas in my diet.

god help me i'm considering south beach again. i look longingly back at the dedication i had then. i have been lucky to keep it off. but not dedicated. it's been months since i've had a consistent loss and it depresses me. you can only celebrate and console over the same 5 pounds for so long. and then your head explodes. tragic.

if i start today do i have to count the cheesecake?


Rebecca said...

it depends on the cheesecake, fo sho.... ;)

ooohhh...can i have a cake instead of carnations?

Amy said...

when you're dead? anything you want baby!