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Monday, February 27, 2006

addicted to clipping

this is a cross-post from my other blog, because i really have a twist in my knickers over not getting my mail. i did get mr. todd weeks mail, 3 bills and a solicitation, delivered to my box (the one directly under it) and i must wonder how much of my mail has gone to the weeks' including my shaw's flyer. damn todd, that's my money he's saving!

i was all in a dither friday because i didn't get my shaw's super savings guide. i was checking my mail every hour and not one word on my savings potential. i went home sad and a little angry. i rushed into town on saturday morning to pick it up so i could arrive at shaw's educated and enlightened, but it was all for naught. the post office done me wrong. instead i had to park my cart in the bagged salad section, blocking shopping traffic, to scope out the bargains. a little old lady whisked by me and said "amateur" under her breath, it was humiliating.

i was never into competitive sports in school, but i really think i've found my calling in competitive shopping. or maybe it's more about getting the best deal. i very nearly pulled an ER-esq Eric Lasalle move when i saw the cabot cheeses were on sale. i've been holding a coupon on the cabot cheese ($1 off 3), i knew it was going to go one sale (2 for $4) making my purchase 3 for $5 and therefor beating the damn system. what the hell am i going to do with 3 blocks of cheese, who cares! it was double the savings!!!

i have a lot of coupons like this, and i patiently wait until the product goes on sale. it's becoming my favorite passtime and my only real hobby. there's a well-known trick of writing flattering letters to your favorite manufacturers to get coupons in return. i could do a form letter. the stamps would be minimal considering the money in the bank coupon return. the short of the long on this post, i need a damn intervention. a bargain shopper intervention.

the boyfriend doesn't see a problem with the clipping. i think he sees any attempt at my saving money to be gold stars on my application for wifehood because he believes that one day i'll be saving HIS money. but i consider every penny saved to be a penny i could be spending on chocolate, and that's one hell of a motivator. i have a chocolate fund that's going to need it's own brokerage firm soon. and all because of coupons. but the post office, they're really holding me back. not only do they refuse me my rightful sales bulletin, but i can't get the sunday paper delivered. the sunday paper chock full of coupons. folks with no address can't get the paper, i'd have to go and BUY it every sunday. it all amounts to the man keeping the people down. bastards.

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