10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

dude, fat.

so last week sucked.  january, sick dogs, crappy work stuff, hormones and it all added up to about 5 pounds.  I did a lot of things I never ever do, buying candy at the grocery store, eating almost a whole pizza myself over just two days.  I very often lose five pounds and give myself no credit because it's only five pounds but this extra five pounds makes me feel exactly like i have 5 pounds of butter strapped to myself.  I started dealing with it yesterday and i'm a pound down today.  i'm sure it was salt and or water related to shift that fast but i'm definitely glad.  only 4 or say 24 more to go.  depending on how you feel about preparing for your wedding photos in two months.  This would be a good time to start some kind of two month cleanse/or something but my emotional reserves are like shot.  things at work that have always bothered me are still happening and completely shattering me.  The dog being sick always completely shatters me, but he's getting better.  It's not a real wedding, the stressful kind that involves huge white dresses and sobbing mothers, but it's still wearing on me to have to make so many decisions about that day and the party in summer.  I had planned a massage/facial session to get my brain together but with the vet visits that's completely out of the budget.  le sigh.  but I have promised myself to do pilates every day so that's hopeful.  if i keep it up.


MayQueen said...

Amy dearest, I've left you a message on FB, but just in case you see this first, please check your po box next week.

Amy said...

did you mail me a girdle?

i keep meaning to tell you the serfs in our kingdom are glad the offerings please but what with visiting the adventures in animal husbandry at our house i forget. that and the aging. the rapidity of the brain cell loss with this whole turning thirty thing just keeps making me think i wish i had done drugs in college.

MayQueen said...

Serfs should be seen and not heard, so it's quite appropriate that you neglected to relay their message. Actually, serfs shouldn't be seen either. But seriously, I already use Say Yes to Tomatoes products so that was cool to get, and the super-smelly soap actually smells pretty good to me.

It's not a girdle, but it is something that probably shouldn't spend too long sitting around.

Amy said...

the serfs are unruly, i expect a usurping any minute.

i love their stuff, both actually. the soap is great, so natural and yet old school. i love using older products that are still around, they survived the chemicals without alteration.