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Friday, November 18, 2011

"have you ever seen someone so unhappy to have a new iphone?"

the salesman was totally right because I was totally unhappy to have to buy a new phone.  i'm getting used to the new phone but it's weird and i'm super bummed that my genius plan to get my old phone working again failed miserably.  i guess you need more than genius, you need luck and technical skills and the ability to let go and just be grateful you can afford a new phone and get over it.

on the downside, I lost everything.  email addresses and phone numbers and music and everything.  if I had your number and i owe you a call or a text, sorry dudes.  my phone was dead for weeks before i got around to dealing with it and my sister was convinced i was dead and now because i live like a technology gypsy and have nothing written down...i'm totally without basic contact information for most of my family.  it would be awesome if i learned a lesson from this but odds on I tell myself I'm going to write it all down and I won't.  Maybe i'll surprise myself.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

no way?! you had to get a new one?!

bummer...you'll have to tell me about it!