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Thursday, August 04, 2011

"Actually I'm gonna wait until the bus stops and then I'll get off."

So when I told my dad we were going to get married he said "oh, ok" so I put it on facebook to get some positive feedback and give him an opportunity to see how to respond from other people.  I guess we'll see how that goes.  I guess it could be worse, he could have been really mad or something.  In that light I guess it's really positive that he was indifferent.  

Right now I'm supposed to be washing dishes but instead i wrote a big long thing about how matt's parents want us to share our garden with his brother for no good reason.  I guess they need the help but they have plenty of land and you know, dirt, so in theory if they were hungry they could like bust their own asses and plant a garden.  We plant a lot of food so we can have it all winter or sell it to feed the chickens.  We don't plant all those seeds so other people can have cable and nights out.  And you know, she throws away anything that's in her freezer too long and I didn't break my legs planting seeds so someone can throw away our food.  whoops, i did it again.  Matt's parents think we should grow a bigger garden so we can share.  no no no, I'm not killing myself forever for ungrateful assholes.  And that's why we aren't sharing our news with them just yet.  


The Merry said...

Wait a minute... you do the work and they get the benefits? Are your in-laws politicians or something like that?

Thank you for sharing your news with us :)

Amy said...

yeah, what is the deal with that?

Debbi said...

I love The Merry's comment.