10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, January 03, 2011

"catholicism, the faith may fade but the guilt lasts forever"

'Bout time to blog eh?  It's a new year and all.  I should have at least one post a year.  That would be good right.  The purging continues and christmas is a good time to do that.  Who bought me a shower cap and why?  And what do I do with it?  I'm not keeping a shower cap because it was a christmas present, seriously.  A lot of our other christmas presents were consumable or wearable or appliances so I have to make room for them.  The fryer in particular is important to store...so we can make donuts and french fries and donuts.  We also got a grill and thank god that doesn't go in the house because dude, no room.

It's nice to have the cooking and baking part of christmas over.  I'm done with creaming butter and sugar for awhile.  Well, probably a week when matt will need cookies again but I'm enjoying the break.  It's also nice to have the mindless eating of baked goods part over too.  We got a ton of cookies and what not at work and dude when it's slow those stupid awful cookies look great and I have eaten a ton because I'm just not on my game.  Normally I'm pretty good at not eating crappy things I don't really like just because they're there but boredom at work is hard for me.

Another start to a new year and another quest to lose twenty pounds.  I mean officially it would be wrong to start the year without at least saying i want to lose weight.  In real life I'm not sure that's a real goal for the new year.  I might be over saying I want to lose weight every year and then not.  A real goal would be to eat more fruit and vegetables and that I can work on.  It's a smoothie for breakfast and apple for snack week which is a relief after all those cookies.  It's also a cook for yourself week which means that I'm making myself meals instead of eating matt's side dishes.  It's all easier in a clean, organized house and I have high hopes for a good week.


Rebecca said...

you got a fryer?!

sssssoooooo jealous!!!

Amy said...

it's awesome, so much cleaner than on the stove!