10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"The three greatest lies of all time. Big is beautiful, the cheque's in the mail, and of course I won't come in your mouth."

It is ridiculously hot. When it's 90 degrees in Maine in May you can just assume that the world is ending and that we're all gonna die. Seriously. It should not be that hot. Rebecca said something about an earthquake and the earth's axis and the horror that fills my brain with those thoughts I can't deal with at all. All I can see is polar bears with sunburns, it's terrible.

The dogs think it's terrible too, they sleep all day. And then they sleep all night. They must be the most tired dogs in the whole world, you'd think the beatings would keep them on the hop but they're so LAZY...sleeping on the couches all day. With the heat we've started running between 5 and 6 so it's cool enough for all of us and we're all pooped by lunchtime. It makes a very long day for all of us. The runs have been going really well. I'm super impressed with myself. I spend the whole time telling myself I can do it and it turns out I can. When I say I can keep going I do keep going and my legs rock because I really think they could go forever. My lungs don't burn like they used to, my knees are feeling great and the new sports bra is freaking awesome...breasts of steel thanks to victoria's secret. It makes running so much better, I'm only a few weeks from running the entire mountain trail without breaks!


Later Never Exists said...

I just wanted you to know I was over at Did I Just Eat That Outloud and was perusing recent posts on her side bar. When I read the title of yours I literally choked on the water I had just sipped and spit it everywhere.

Thanks for that! :)

Katy said...

This post title should win some sort of award!

Samantha said...

I absolutely love the title of this post! Too funny!

Great work with the running. Having a positive running mantra really helps me too.

The Merry said...

Congratulations on the running. Good work!

Now if you could just share some of that warm weather with the other Portland, that would be greatly appreciated. It was a beautiful day today -- for February.

Amy said...

man, I'd give anything for february. I'm dying with this warmth. I'm missing the -20's for sure.

Amy said...

The quote is from shameless season 4 I think.

The Fat Foreigner said...

That's an insane amount of running, and absolutely awesome!