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Thursday, April 15, 2010

"You should never hurt the feelings of a brutal killer."

The weirdnesses that have occurred lately are starting to pile up and wear me down. I thought the dead bunny was like the most upsetting thing that could happen but it turns out that was just the beginning. After the bunny incident I went out alone to find the rabbit foot that Jolie left behind. Something else must have stolen it because I couldn't find it but I did find that all of the chickens had escaped their pen. The door is broken and the wind blew it open and there were chickens everywhere. I caught them all, eventually, and I figured if the bunny foot was out there the dogs would no doubt find it and I'd deal with it then. So I took the dogs out for their afternoon walk and they didn't find the foot. Yay. I thought yay until we were coming back and Knox went into the woods and came back with a leg bone. I'm telling myself it was a deer bone and Matt is telling me it was a deer bone and it's resting in the extra fridge, with the bunny, so I can make soup with it later. Heh.

That was yesterday. I didn't take the dogs out again until Matt came home because I just couldn't take it anymore. Chasing and wrestling dead things from puppies is exhausting. I had to make myself some medicinal caramel corn to relax. And then some brownies. And a cocktail. I was hoping today would be better and I was all full of hope when we took our walk...until we saw a car. Our road is private, you can tell by the no trespassing signs EVERYWHERE. And yet whenever I speak to an interloper they always say "I just realized this was a private road!" Uh huh. This morning was no different and the dudes in question drove away pretty fast...toward the highway...with the dogs following them. Neither the dogs nor the driver would stop or turn around for anything so I had to chase them up the road, yelling. It was awesome. I was pretty sure they'd follow the jeep onto the road and be killed when the little dog came back. We kept going and yelling and eventually the big dog came back and my heart rate slowed enough to walk home.

We work on come every day, every single day. But trespassers make me nervous and make them nervous and we all lose our grip just a little, Cesar would not be proud. And I really do know that it's my fault my dogs wouldn't come when I called them but I'm still mad that people drive on our private road without permission, and leave trash and shoot into the woods and steal things. If there hadn't been a tree down blocking the road I never would have caught them and I'm sure the dogs would have run the other way a few miles. These guys said they were looking for somewhere to fish but they didn't have poles and they drove away awful fast so I seriously doubt it. I'm sure they were armed and they were definitely weird and Matt has promised to drop more trees at the head of the road so I won't call him from the edge anymore. I think any amount of manual labor would be worth not having emergency calls from home every day. Personally, full time employment is looking better and better.

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