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Friday, July 17, 2009

"not so fast, I don't want to wake up pregnant"

They're not zits, they're bug bites. It's a grooming dilemma. There's simply nothing to be done but wait it out and buy a bug net. Who would have known spreading manure would have such lasting consequences, I would have thought doing the actual spreading punishment enough but I guess not. I wrote before about puppy getting bug bites too and blowing up to look like a pug on steroids but judging from his nose in a bee's nest activity this morning I'm thinking it was a wasp sting instead. They actually chased us down the hill, they must have been really mad. On the one hand the bees/wasps are good for the garden and the fruit trees, on the other there is only so much benadryl in the world, we're not sure what to do about them. We haven't had trouble until now but it's not like we can give the woof a stern talking to. He either learns from his pain or he doesn't, either way we have to keep treating him. I'm hoping he didn't get a sting today, there's no way to know until his nose swells up. Que Pobrecita.


pinky pinkerson said...

I've always worn blood-style nail polish, but I agree, it just doesn't look right in the summer.

I used to copy my mom and wear almond color, but that makes your fingernails blend right into your hand.

ps - I have to keep reminding myself not to use Burt's Bees bite stick as chapstick. That wouldn't be good.

Rebecca said...

it wouldnt happen to be watermelon from essie?!

my coworker recommended it to me because she was wearing and i do admit it looked fab on her but moi...no im not tan. it just doesnt have the same effect so on the toes it goes!

Amy said...

I always do that with the burt's bite stick, tricky!

Not watermelon, it was like barbie dream house wallpaper.