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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"skinned knees and chocolate cake"

There's this hiking trail that goes around Jordan Pond and Jordan Pond is famous for this restaurant that serves tea and popovers and I just assumed that the trail would be a tea drinking trail but instead it's an ass kicking trail. Perhaps not as ass kicking as the Ladder trail or the Perpendicular trail, both hiking trails with very literal names, but when you have to ferry old people over the granite drainage steps you kind of want to kill yourself. What do I say if I lose her in a pond? Who do you call for that? because I don't know. Anyway I wasn't prepared for this trail. Five years living next to Acadia and I know almost nothing about it, I'm an asshole officially.

I'm making an effort to rectify my lack of park knowledge, partly for my job and partly for my dog and I wish I could say I was doing it for self betterment but it's just not true. I get my ass kicked by the aarp crowd every week and it's getting old so I'm working on saving face. Last week I finally walked into cadillac mountain sports and bought some hiking clothes. I've been making due with old coats and sneakers and it's not working out. The boots I ordered a while ago and am working on breaking in, now I have a windbreaker and some light layerable fleece to add to my hiking paraphernalia. I always show up wearing the wrong thing, I forget how different the weather on the island is compared to where I live and really you need a windbreaker when you climb a mountain sitting on the ocean, you just do. I feel massive guilt whenever I buy anything and Matt just said "uhm, it's ok to buy a windbreaker". I never knew I needed so much validation...sheesh, I'm a mess.

Matt's been extra supportive of my wardrobe lately because recently one of his co-workers moved apartments and it took an entire day to move his girlfriends clothes. Apparently she had two closets, a rail, and three dressers. I feel enormously better about my clothes to space ratio now. I have a dresser and a closet thingy and I still find myself looking at shirts in the back and going "this, I don't remember this?", how could you ever keep track of three closets without a personal assistant? Matt said she has all her skinny clothes still. The fact that he knows that completely throws me, these men had a conversation at work about a girlfriend's skinny clothes...I just can't get my brain around it.


Rebecca said...

that is pretty fricken hilarious!!

and i always thought nate paid no attention to me!

Amy said...

Boys know more about clothes than we give them credit for.