10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, April 10, 2009

"One pie is like an appetizer to me, I eat that and I unleash the beast!"

I returned a pair of jeans to the Gap today and can I tell you about the hard time those folks have been giving me with returns lately. The last two times I've bought something online and returned it in store they've given me shit. Last time there was a cat hair on the pants and she said they'd have to damage them out. I offered to go buy a lint roller for the one cat hair and surprisingly she said no. This time she asked where the tags were. If you buy online from gap you'd know that you don't get tags. Sometimes you get a jeans tag on the back waist but usually there are no tags at all. AT ALL. And by the way I kept two of the three pairs which is like seeing Jesus in your breakfast toast as jeans shopping goes. If they would stock my jean size, not everyone can be tall enough to be a regular...seriously...we wouldn't have this problem. I could try clothes on in the store like a normal person and have good blog fodder dressing room trauma. Thieves are the Gap, thieves.

So, hey two pairs of jeans fit and I even like them. I was debating about keeping two pairs when I only really need one. Matt thought my but looked cute in both pairs and encouraged me to keep both. I had to explain to him the way things work and how when you buy two pairs of jeans that fit when you only need one you will inevitably lose just enough weight to make them look like shit and also waste the money you spent on expensive ass Gap jeans. And therefor you have to start all over again with more money and more jeans to cry over. On the other hand, if I kept only one pair I'd be sporting the same poundage through next summer and I'd wear out the one pair and find myself in exactly the same place I was two months ago with no friggin jeans to wear. Pretty much he said keep them if you want to and don't worry about the money. Pretty much either way I'm forking out more money for clothes and I'm thinking nudity is highly underrated. Wearing clothes you like is just too emotionally trying, I'm worn out with it.


magickal_realism said...

If you bring in your packing slip (that sheet included with your purchases) that's usually accepted as tags at most retailers.

Amy said...

And yet no. I'm actually smart enough to bring the slip they just didn't care.

Ann Marie said...

LOL! My problem is that my favorite store, The Avenue (I'm no where near wearing Gap clothes), sells great clothes that fit and actually look cute. Then you wash them and they don't fit right. Sometimes they shrink, sometimes they stretch. If only I could afford for everything to be dry cleaned!