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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"four out of five dead people smoked your brand"

I ate three cupcakes of the cupcakes I made for matt. Puppy ate one whole cupcake, and one top...sans frosting. At least he didn't eat the sugar. It's sort of a shame because I've been trying to watch the sugar lately. My blood sugar has been way out of control lately and I'm just trying to feel better. Eating the cupcakes was entirely my fault, I'm blaming the heat and the thunderstorm and the sunburn. It's not supposed to be 90 in maine in april. Or ever actually. It was way too hot and then we had a thunderstorm and somehow my chastity belt like sunblock allowed me to get burnt. It's not a terrible burn but bad enough to be uncomfortable and really, really tired. I need a parasol, made of flannel.

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