10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, March 27, 2009

"That's not a tattoo. That, dear boy, is a tramp stamp."

Matt says we don't need a humidifier. Not even if it's hello kitty shaped. Which is ridiculous because my sinus' are like the desert. I've been hovering over the boiling teapot to try and fix myself, which is way less adorable than hello kitty but my pores are amazing! We're still covered in snow and it was actually raining this morning and yet, dry. Frustrating. I think I have some sort of lazy girl cold because I met my friend this morning to climb blue hill mountain (hehehe) and we only made it like...an 1/8 of the way. There was snow...and we were cold...and the woof would seriously not move his furry feet because apparently LOTS of dogs have spent a penny on that mountain. Baby woof, by the way is celebrating his 43rd pound and is not yet six months old, I'm so proud!

Tomorrow, we're celebrating an anniversary and it's crazy hard to decide what to do. We go out, you know, never so there's a lot of pressure on the decision about what to do. Also we have no money so that's prohibiting. We were going to go to a movie but they all appear to suck so that's off. We're down to bowling and uno at the kitchen table. We'll probably use all the money we budgeted on dinner so it might all work out, dessert! I had planned on making something, which I always do, but it's nice to sometimes have food you didn't cook yourself. I think a nice dinner could make up for playing jenga and watching smokey and the bandit instead of seeing a sucky movie in the theatre.

I'm also hoping for the arrival of my next shipment of inadequate jeans. The last emergency airlift of jeans was awful. The size 14 pair which I was secretly sure would fit because I'm so fat TOTALLY DIDN'T FIT, they were way too big which is good except the 12's were a little too tight. It was distressing. I'm hoping the next ones work out better, but not too much better because hot jeans are expensive. I'm crossing my fingers for one pair, which I will then wear in to the ground and be pissed about in a year but whatever, momma needs a new pair of jeans.


Lauren said...

I have a suggestion (tongue in cheek) for the anniversary. My parents, in true Maine style, had a date yesterday where they went out for brunch and then went to a gun show.

Amy said...

Man, that is serious Maine style celebrating. Too bad the gun show was last weekend here...RATS!