10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Probably just your garden-variety disaster."

The temp job is beyond boring and my evenings are filled with the very exciting tasks I used to spend all day doing, like laundry. Also my weekend. Saturday I spent a good deal of time cooking for the week. I was going to make soup but I made a last minute substitution for vegetarian chili...which came out really great. It's been hard having to pack a lunch that takes no time but is also filling and healthy and full of protein. I'm hoping to get back into broth soup soon but I might have to break down and buy some. Time is so limited now, it's funny how you forget how to schedule yourself for an eight hour work day. My priorities are walking the woof and getting pilates in every night so homemade soup might have to take a back seat while I'm working 8 hour days.

I'm already tired of the state of my house. I have NO IDEA how I kept up with the cleaning when I worked, I think maybe I had pathetically low standards so it didn't bother me. We seem to have so much going on right now. We're preparing for chickens and we have 40 maples tapped for sugar season. Some of them are ridiculously over tapped actually, because they're coming down after the season and you might as well make the most of their life force if you're going to cut them down in a month. It seems like there's so much to do right now which is exactly what happens when you sit around waiting for something to happen and then all of a sudden you don't care any more and a thousand things happen at once. Aaargh.

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