10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

"Just dealin', growin', doin' a little Pilates."

My favorite jeans which I had described as worn are now officially holey and that sucks when it's 16 degrees. I hope the new jeans are made of magic because this is a very difficult loss. The old jeans, they gave me an ass to be proud of...I loved them so. I hope there is some denim in the mail today so I can face this crisis sooner rather than later. I hope I have an advantage in that puppy and I have been hiking every day and my assets might be improving on their own. I have noticed no change in my waist unfortunately but my legs are awesome. I am literally in awe of them. They're hiker legs now. Why does that sound dirty?

Anyway, yeah, I'm getting to that place in my exercising life where I can feel the difference when I don't go for a long, uphill walk. Puppy and I went for a visit to my family and we had a whole two days with no hike and I thought my muscles were on strike. We had two good jogs but it just wasn't the same. We actually spent a lot of time walking around my sister's neighborhood because her poor kids are terrified of the dog. Kids that last spring held boa constrictors and petted alligators wouldn't come within feet of the puppy. Only the baby got close enough to pet him. They actually had some nice moments playing in puddles together and he very gently stole a stick she was playing with. Otherwise the visit was a nightmare.

My nephew has this friend who was very badly hurt by a small dog when he was a baby (you know how people with dogs the size of sewer rats don't think they have to train them because they're so little...well, that's ridiculous and dangerous) and has a justifiable fear of dogs. It would probably serve him well if his parents helped him work on this fear instead of feeding it but that's none of my business. The my business part of the story is that he's convinced my sisters kids that dogs are evil and had my nephew pretend shooting at my puppy and calling him vicious. What happens when he tells all the kids at school that there was a vicious dog at his house? Will we banned from his neighborhood? I don't know but it frightens me. I'm also frightened about the kids reactions to him in general. If they scream and run and kick at a genuinely dangerous dog they're going to be severely hurt. Learning to behave around animals is a life skill as far as I'm concerned, whether they turn out to be dog lovers or not.


Sugarcrook said...

Terrified of your dog? He looks like a muppet. I hope you responded with "I'll give ya something to be afraid of!"

How's the snow? Heard you got slammed.

Amy said...

I know, he's lassie for chrissake. mostly we responded with "stop screaming, you're scaring the dog".

we are still in the throes of being slammed, it looks like a foot at the moment.