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Friday, March 20, 2009

"he's Canadian, but not the french kind so we're ok with it"

I am CRAZY with the grumpy today. It should be an awesome day because it's the last day of this ridiculous temp job and I told puppy this morning that it was the last day of us being apart and I tried to be happy but I'm just grumped. Last night there were some animal antics that woke us up, it wasn't entirely naughty just bad planning on the human end but I found myself unable to sleep and thoroughly pissed off. Out of nowhere, it was insane, it was a tidal wave of fury. My boyfriend, who loves me, kept moving over on to my side of the bed to cuddle and at 4 am I was hanging on to the very edge of the bed "this" close to beating him to death with the lamp if he put one more inch of skin in my space and then the alarm went off. Then the usual hissing and growling and barking ensued and no one slept until the alarm went off again at 6.

Even before we brought home the woof, chairman meow had to get up with us in the morning. She wakes up with matt at 4 and follows him around and then when he leaves she comes back to bed and waits to get up with me and be my furry shadow. Knoxaroni would be fine sleeping during the human movement but fifteen pounds of meow makes quite a furry thud and that he can't resist so by my reckoning if the cat would just stay the eff in bed I would get two more hours of sleep. Instead, she follows matt and he follows her and then there's hissing and barking and frustrated people saying "nevermind" over and over again.

Right now I'm sitting at my fake job using their totally unlocked wireless and counting the hours until I can go home. NOT SOON ENOUGH but I have a book and I have the blogs and I packed two cheese sticks instead of a cupcake so I'm trying. I'm putting all my feet forward to have a good day and shake this mood and be happy that I have my life back tomorrow. Happy or bust, is where I am now. Happy whether I like it or not. Happy if it kills me. I might just stand in the hallway for the next 6 hours because this is a government building and there's a big ass picture of Obama smiling and that totally makes me smile too. Who needs a cupcake when you don't have a moron for a president anymore.


Rebecca said...

shut up!? your going to Blogher...

we so have to meet.. ;)

Amy said...

Dude, only four months away!