10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

all your diction dripping with disdain

So, I erased whatever was here and I'm typing anew. Have I mentioned that everyone at this job is super thin? Well, not everyone but enough for it to be overwhelming. There are two normal, average amy looking women and they're both on diets. One does Nutrisystem with mixed emotions and the other is on some salad eating diet but seems very happy. The person most concerned with sugar and fat is the skinniest lady, she's also the best dressed. I wonder most about her, I must admit. We're all familiar with the never ending diet syndrome of the moderately overweight but her, uhm, diligence is something else. I guess that's the way you have to be, I know you can't do your diet and then turn it off...you have to fight the dark forces forever it just seems like a sad way to live. From she who has a cupcake in her lunch bag, a tasty tasty cupcake.

I haven't properly stepped on the scale since I took this job, I just don't have time in the morning. Which is crazy because how much time does it take to stand still but I'm forever rushing breakfast and shower and then it's too late to get weighed. I have been stepping on it later at night...mostly so I can say to myself "that would be less if this was morning". I suppose when my post dinner weigh in reaches 300 pounds I'll know something is going awry.

I have, in contrast, been feeling really good about the pilates and our daily hikes. I can now run up the hill even in snow boots, which I certainly couldn't have done in January, so I'm getting more fit if nothing else. I'm looking forward to when the snow melts because I'm going to start trail running. I'm hoping that it proves to be better for my knees, because the surface is softer, and I know it'll be safer for me and woof (as long as we don't cross any mama bears). We're going to try it out anyway, I just don't feel comfortable with running on the road. Knox is safe now playing in the yard, he doesn't venture near the driveway, and I just can't bring myself to make him use the driveway and end up on that horrible road. Hopefully it all works out for everybody.

Also I did all the things you have to do to go to blogher. Except packing. Did I mention that already? I've said a few times for different conferences "Oh, I think I'm going to go this year..." but I actually forked over money this time in return for emails assuring me I'll be getting on a plane and sleeping in a hotel and wearing a badge with my name on it. Maybe. So, if anyone out there has also forked the money and gotten the emails and would like to, you know, get together awkwardly and in person do let me know. It'll be just like a high school reunion but with fun!


Nikemom said...

Have fun at BLOGHER! :D

Amy said...

ooh, I hope so!