10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"stop picking at that it'll just get worse"

I'm making my arrangements for blogher. It is killing me. I am dying over spending money to fly in an airplane and stay in a hotel and meet people. DYING. But I really want to go and this is the year of doing Amy things even if it does mean we're broke. Matt suggested we save 50 bucks a week and then I'll be all set. The food budget is also 50 dollars a week. So, obviously I'm going to be very skinny by july and matt will be dead so then I'll have his life insurance money and what a brilliant plan! Or I could get a job.

Actually I have another job meeting tomorrow and there are some really good prospects coming up. This is why I had to purchase some clothes that aren't falling apart. The job I'm meeting about is a casual assistant type job but probably not a jeans with holes in it type job. I've applied for some other part time office positions and I'm signed up with the temp agency...I'll have you know I type 73 words per minute. I didn't know anyone cared about typing speed anymore, it seems so 1960 to strive for typing speed. I have vague memories of my brother taking a typing course but I can't remember why...do you need to type well to work at Wendy's?

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