10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

"You work for a gaping asshole"

Today I had an unexpected lowest since before christmas weight of 181. All that chasing the puppy and being too busy to eat has been good for me. Tomorrow I have the second of my required unemployment meetings, which I'm looking forward to. At least now I know it won't be an inquisition. They know there's nothing around and they really are just trying to help, even if it isn't all that helpful to me they do mean well. That's my positiviry for the day, otherwise I'm frickin' tired.

I called Holly to tell her about the puppy and she said "it's going to be so much work" and it is but it's not awful. He's the best puppy ever, she says after two whole days, but really he is. There have been no accidents, he learned how to climb the stairs in a day and we're working on down the stairs and he's getting very good at sitting. We play and sleep all day and it's just getting better. Yesterday, when I was wheeling him around Petco because he was afraid of the doors, he was the sweetest baby ever and everyone loved him. He was nice to everyone who said hello and interested in all the dogs. When he gets better at walking on a leash we'll go again and sniff all the dogs, won't that be a day to remember!

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