10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, January 12, 2009

"it's not a prison, it's just a country"

I love January in blogland. So many new faces, inspiring and supporting each other...the humanity. It's always a gamble as to how many will stick it out but I'm hoping for the best. We all hope for the best and work for the best, why not be positive about all the new comers. I'm working on positive, positive is the word of the day, or the week or whatever. I'm going to be positive about the fact that my diet is better than ever but I'm slowing gaining, I'm going to be positive about the puppy trying to eat the floor, I'm going to be positive about this job thing I'm doing on wednesday. It's governmenty and temporary, but lucrative and fun sounding. Matt and I did the budget thing this weekend and yes, we can totally survive on his pay even with a puppy that eats the floor but it will be no fun at all. Better than death and plague but not something to look forward to. I must step up the job thing even if it's a crappy job. Sigh.


Rebecca said...

what are the odds that we actually post about music fairly closely?

i agree... i love the newcomers, the excitement. shoot.. i cant believe it's almost been 3 years since ive been around.

good luck on your job thingy!!

Rebecca said...

oh...howd your wreath thingy workout?