10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, January 19, 2009

"Everybody stop getting shot"

You know, it's a wonderful thing to wake up to take the puppy out and see that it is 13 degrees and not -13 degrees. Last week we'd spend all morning looking forward to the noon high, 6 degrees...8 degrees and then watch it dip back to -20 by dinner. This whole above zero thing is a welcome relief. I don't feel cold at all now when I go out side, this is a tropical vacation in my brain. Of course, in exchange for the warmth we have received also the snow. Oh my god the snow.

All year when it rains here everyone says "just think if that were snow it would be 50 feet" well, if this were rain we'd be gathering two of every animal. As you can see, the snow is now deeper than the puppy and he's not so sure about it.

Our meal budgets are going so well we've decided to get a new tv in the oh my god circuit city is closing sales, no not really. I imagine I'll prove too cheap to actually buy one, but we have been talking about it for awhile. Clearly we don't need one, but it seems like the time to check them out. We're thinking about setting up a downstairs exercise area using the old tv, somewhere the pupster won't eat my pilates mat. You see how it's a positive tv purchase rather than a sit on your butt tv purchase. It's a tv purchase for good instead of evil, obviously.


Sugarcrook said...

You are doomed when that dog grows into his ear hair.

Amy said...

indeed, but I love his foofie hair do.